(Continued from our Home Page) ...... We determine where you are in your business journey, and create a process to help you plan to start or grow your business -- it’s a process designed to serve you and help you succeed! Note that we offer our assistance with this process, but we don’t do all the work for you.  This is YOUR business and you need to understand how to design it and work it through to a successful enterprise.  Starting a business and expanding a business is hard work, but together, we can make it happen!


Typical START-UP Inquiry Process


We will assess your business needs based on a variety of criteria which MAY include your business history and financial records for the past 2-3 years, as well as whatever information you provide on specific areas of your business that concern you, or specific goals you may wish to achieve:

  • We will assist with a financial analysis to determine what you need to do before applying for a bank loan, if that is your goal
  • We can help you to create a marketing plan to help reach your target market and increase sales potential
  • We can help you update your original business plan to reflect where you plan to go and grow in the next 3 - 5 years.
  • We’ll help you prepare to present  your new proposal for funding if you are in need of a business loan.
  • In some cases, when a business is ready for marketing assistance, we can help develop a website to give you an Internet presence.  Sites are  optimized for local search, and we also help you create a business presence on social media. Note: Building websites is the only service that we must charge for due to the labor-intensive nature of this task.
  • We can’t do everything of course, but for the most part, we know where to find people in our own SBDC network who can help with the things we don’t do here, such as getting certified to compete for government contracts, or developing a tech company, or develop a plan to export your products,.... we’re always happy to help you connect with local business resources as well as other SBDC speclalists.



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We will determine where in the start-up process you are, and explain what services we can provide.

  • Depending on your experience, and if a Start-Up Workshop is scheduled soon, we may suggest you attend to get basic information you’ll need to go forward
  • After the workshop, you’ll be asked to come back to the website to download the business plan template and begin to pull together information to answer template questions.  This will help you to recognize what you still need to learn before putting your plan together.  Once you have completed the basics of that business plan (we know you probably can’t do it all yourself), you will need to schedule an appointment to speak with a consultant and email us whatever portion of the business plan you have put together.
  • We may suggest some additional training in the form of other workshops throughout the year, webinars or continued education classes if it is determined that you need to develop skills needed to go forward in your field.
  • We will help with demographic research if the need applies, and assist with creating your estimated start-up costs and projected income, as well as directing you to the correct entities to help with licensing, zoning, and legal organization issues.


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Downloadable Planning Forms:    Business Plan Template  ~ Estimated Expenses ~ Projected Sales Form

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Downloadable Forms:  Business Plan Template  ~ Estimated Expenses ~ Projected Sales Form 

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